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I made this video to showcase the people/actors I visualized when I was writing the first  book. Take a look and see if  the characters  you saw in your mind when reading the books match up to mine, enjoy.                                 KL






I finished REBIRTH the third book in the vampire series THE  FIRST BLOOD NOVELS. Here's my new book cover. It's available at Amazon and will soon be available at the other popular online book retailers.

I just started work in the fourth book in the zombie series DEADIES. Thanks for your patience.       KL


5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME!, June 27, 2012



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This review is from: Deadies: Run For Your Life (Kindle Edition)


This book was one of the greatest zombie apocalypse books I have read! I am a huge LUETHKE fan but I must say this author surpasses him in my book! Very original story and fantastic writing! I love this series!!!

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Shelves: zombies
I loved this book! Zombie apocalypse fiction that's written with a smart female protagonist - here a supermodel who ends up surviving and is introduced to the reader running down the highway covered in a towel, with zombies hot on her tail - and some very interesting side characters - notably Nick, the good-ol'-boy mechanic who rescues her in his Camaro. The set up is cheesy, but the delivery is not. The story combines some of my favorite elements - zombie fiction, romance, action/adventure, and really delivers. I would love to see this turned into a movie! My only complaint is selfish: the story ended too soon, too abruptly, and I am eager for more.

4.0 out of 5 stars Potential crack series???, May 8, 2012
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This review is from: Deadies: Run For Your Life (Kindle Edition)
This book starts off with action, from a chase scene leading right into a rescue. Grabbing your attention from the very beginning. And it ends with a fight scene and a mysterious phone call leaving it on a great cliffhanger. All the elements of it being a potential crack series, meaning it'll have people addicted to the series wanting to get the next book to see what happens next. Series like these are the most enjoyable, whether it be a book series like Left Behind, or tv series like Heroes or Lost. I finished reading the book and had like ten questions I cant wait to be answered in the next books. What started the infection? Whats up with Malik and Kait? What happened with the group that Jesse was with before to make her feel that way towards them? Where is Kait's family? How many other survivor groups are there???

Overall this was a very enjoyable book, and it was hard for me to put down. I was even reading it at work on the kindle app on my phone. I cant wait for the next book.
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